Educational Policy

Fostering a multidisciplinary professional who can integrate a wide range of knowledge and skills

The new college of engineering develops human resources in science and engineering who can discover various issues facing modern society by themselves and solve them using various methods based on cross-disciplinary knowledge by developing practical education centered on interdisciplinary education and research.

The “Three Pillars” of our educational policy

Developing human resources capable of identifying issues

We nurture individuals who are equipped with the fundamentals of personality development and basic academic skills, and who are able to discover issues on their own and work collaboratively while communicating with relevant people.

Discovering key issues to solve problems

Developing talent with cross-disciplinary knowledge

In addition to a systematic understanding of the essence of engineering, we develop human resources capable of getting to the heart of issues and deriving solutions through a variety of methods based on cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Integration with other fields in mobility

Developing practical-oriented talents with a focus on research

Through practical education based on engineering education and research, we develop human resources capable of acting as science and engineering personnel with high ethical standards, recognizing the diversity of society.

Emphasis on practical experience, not just knowledge