Course Features

What is the Chemistry and Biotechnology Course?

The Chemistry and Biotechnology course offers broad understandings in chemistry,
including analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry,
physical chemistry and chemical engineering as well.

Field-Specific Course Groups (sub-courses)

Molecular Technology

Students will study about organic chemistry and biological chemistry related broad sciences


Explorations and development of the biological science related fields


Drug discovery and development of medical tools

Chemicals Engineering

Student will study about inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry related broad sciences


Understandings of nature with chemistry


Solutions with the application of chemistry for the everlasting problems of human being

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Course Introduction Video

Study and Research

Curriculum (Main Courses)


Studies on the foundations of chemistry and materials

Theories of Chemical Bonding / Organic Chemistry / Chemical Engineering 1 / Inorganic Chemistry 1 / Physical Chemistry 1 / Analytical Chemistry / Biochemistry


Accumulation of the knowledge in chemicals and deepen understandings for the chemistry with the practical laboratory class

Physical Chemistry 2 / Chemical Engineering 2 / Applied Biochemistry / Bioorganic Chemistry / Theory of Organic Reactions / Inorganic Chemistry 2


Working on the project with the supervisor in the Lab.
Classes on the specific chemistry fields

Organic Structural Determination / Synthetic Organic Chemistry / Modern Biology / Polymer Chemistry / Introduction to Chemical Biology / Electrochemistry / Separation Engineering / Inorganic Material Chemistry / Ceramic Chemistry / Applied Analytical Chemistry / Graduation Thesis 1·2


Completion of the thesis through the intensive study in the Lab

Graduation Thesis 3・4

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research laboratories

Career and Employment

Employability Ranking at Top 400 Companies

“Employability Ranking at Top 400 Companies” is based on the Nikkei Stock Average Index, company size, name recognition, and ranking of the most popular companies among university students. Shibaura Institute of Technology was ranked 12th in Japan and 5th among private universities in the 2023 ranking published by DAIGAKUTSUSHIN Corporation, which surveyed the top 400 companies in Japan. In addition, it was ranked 4th among universities with more than 1,000 graduates.

Employability Ranking at Top 400 Companies (among private universities)

THE World University Rankings 2024

THE (Times Higher Education) has been providing “THE World University rankings” every year since 2004. It uses the data from universities and ranks with the following indicators: teaching (the learning environment); research environment (volume, income and reputation); research quality (the outputs of research); industry (knowledge transfer) and international outlook (staff, students and research). The table shows the ranking of the major private universities in Japan. Shibaura Institute of Technology was ranked 4th in the research environment ranking and it was ranked 6th in the international outlook. 

THE World University Rankings 2024 (major private universities)